Passive Components

Daico is well-known for offering high reliability RF/Microwave Control Components, High Power Amplifiers, and Sub-Systems. In past decades, Daico has designed countless innovative Passive RF/Microwave Components used in Daico’s MFAs and SSTx products or in the platforms where Daico’s active components reside. When customer programs require unique, passive component solutions, we leverage our technical expertise to deliver fully customized RF/Microwave passive components including Filters, Multiplexer, Divider/Combiner, Couplers, Terminator, etc.

These website lists a few datasheets or drawing for the example developments which help you to review our capability to support your needs. Daico do not offer standard passive components, our intention is to design and manufacture custom solutions to fit your exact specifications. Please let us know your specific needs, we will discuss the requirements and develop the right products for your applications.

If you seek a Passive Component outperforming the conventional, Daico is here to provide the solution!

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