Utilizing our well-known experiences of RF/Microwave Control Components and High Power Amplifiers, Daico introduced a Game Changing transmitter (m+n)ART architecture, Part Number CTX09500, that delivers 14kW power at L-Band with unprecedented Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability. CTX09500 was deployed for a mission critical ASR-3 transmitter upgrade in 2010. It is featured with automatic failover, graceful power degradation and true “hot-Swap” capability for an uninterrupted operation. The (m+n) Automatic Redundancy Technology were awarded with six patents. With sponsors of two SBIR.II programs, Daico had further developed a CHPA (Combined High Power Amplifier) Building Block with ultra-high reliability outperforming Klystron and TWT technologies. This flexible and scalable CHPA transmitter architecture can be implemented to achieve hundreds of kW power at up to C-Band in an air or liquid cooled environment.

Road Map1

(m+n)ART Technology Road Map

Part NumberFrequencyPeak PowerVSWRPower GainPulse WidthDuty FactorPrimary Volt.CurrentTechnologyFeaturesDimensionsData Sheet (PDF)
(MHz)(dBm)(In/Out)(dB)(uS)(V)(A)L x W x H (in.)
DTX095011250-135071.51.3:16212010%208VAC, 3Φ15(9+1)ART/ BipolarSee Data Sheet24”x36”x81.24”Download
DTX09511449711.5:1605.315%208VAC, 1Φ1512 Channel/ LDMOSSee Data Sheet24”x49”x78”Download
CTX09521850-942761.7:125504.50%5080CTX09634: (9+1) CHPA
CTX09635: (3+1) PSB
See Data Sheet12.20”x19.00”x12.20”Download
CTX09651850-94274.81.7:125504.50%5070(7+1)ART/ LDMOSSee Data Sheet12.20”x19.00”x12.20”Download
CTX096641175-137574.81.7:1241006.00%5080(7+1)ART/ GaNSee Data Sheet12.20”x19.00”x12.20”Download
CTX095302700-2900711.5:161208VAC18GaNSee Data Sheet29.06”x24.06”x43.88”Download
CTX095xx5400-5800791.7:160AC-GaNSee Data Sheet24.06”x50.88”x24.06”Download
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