In addition to Daico’s well-known RF/Microwave product offerings, from DC to 18 GHz, Daico also provides customers with technical services including Build-to-Print, Pick ‘n’ Place Assembly, Automated Testing. Leveraging Daico’s legacy capabilities of design, build, and test for Defense and Military applications, we can meet your contracted needs with the utmost quality.

Daico has well established our MMIC, Hybrid, and Discrete manufacturing capabilities in early 1970s. Daico, dedicated in a board range of RF/Microwave Products solely for Defense and Military applications, is a well-equipped and conservatively managed entity. In addition to various conventional RF test equipment, Thermal Imaging, and X-Ray Imaging, we developed many automated test equipment (ATE). In 2010, Daico introduced Pick ‘N’ Place manufacturing production to meet the growing demands for SMT technology offering cost and consistency advantages. The primary goal of these advanced capabilities is for Daico to provide customers with best-in-class products and stay ahead in the competitive market places.

With our RF/Microwave inheritance expertise and well-developed capabilities, Daico can outperform the conventional contracted manufacturing houses in technical services including Build-to-Print, Pick ‘n’ Place Assembly, Automated Testing to fit your exact specifications. Please let us know your specific needs, we will discuss the requirements and develop the right solutions for your applications.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing

For technical services, Daico can meet your contracted needs. Please click on the Request link below and fill out the required fields, we will promptly respond.

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