Daico has led the way since 1967 with advanced RF/Microwave Control Products, Amplifiers & Sub-Systems for Defense Electronics, Aerospace, and high-end commercial industries.

Our custom high-reliability products are integral to the complex operations of mission critical Radar, Navigation, and Communication System Applications.

Control Components

Generic & Custom Designs: Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Detectors, Limiters, etc.


Generic & Custom Designs: Broadband Linear, Band Specific, CW & Pulse, High Power up to 10kW.

Multi-Function Assy

Custom Designs: Antenna Selectors, Switch Matrices, Up/Down Converters, T/R Modules, etc.


Innovative Transmitter Solutions: Mission Critical Applications, Scalable up to 100’s kW

Passive Components

Custom Designs: Filters, Combiners, High Power Loads, etc.


Contract Services: Build-to-Print, Pick 'n' Place Assembly, Automated Testing, etc.

X-Band Switches
X Band Product Release Home
X-Band Switches

Higher Performance X-Band Switches
- X-Band Switches for Missile and Drone detection
- X-Band Switches for Missile and UAV detection

Next Generation Radar Applications
- Drones & UAVs
- Radar | Communications
- Satellite | Space

DPS59314 IFF
DPS59314 IFF
DPS59314: IFF Phase Shifter

1030–1090 MHz/2.5kW
- Insertion Loss: 0.7-1.2dB Max
- Phase Bit: 11.25°, 22.5°, 45°, 90°, 180°
- Power Handling: 2.5kW Max
- Return Loss: 1.5:1 Max
- Switching Speed: 3μs Max
- Operation Voltages: -130VDC & +5VDC
- Operation Temp: -46°C to +105°C
- BIT Output: Open/Short Faults
- Small Profile and Light Weight

CTX09664 L Band
CTX09664 L Band
CTX09664: L-Band Solid State CHPA

1175-1375 MHz/30kW
- Technology: GaN
- Frequency Range: 1175-1375MHz L-Band
- High Peak Power: 30kW
- Outstanding Power Density: 20kW/ft³
- Pulse Operation: 2mS and 6%
- Excellent Power Efficiency: 45% Typical
- Output Survivability: ∞ VSWR
- RF Interface: 7/16 DIN Output/TNC Input
- Unprecedented Availability: 99.99%

CSW45150-2: GaAs SP4T Switch
CSW45150 2
CSW45150-2: GaAs SP4T Switch

5-300 MHz/22dBm
- GaAs Switching Component
- Fast Switching Speed: 40nsec
- VDC Supply: +12.6V
- TTL Control
- Non-Reflective
- 24 Pin Dihedral

CTX09629-1: P-Band 4.2kW HPA
CTX09629-1: P-Band 4.2kW HPA
CTX09629-1: P-Band 4.2kW HPA
CTX09613: L-Band 1kW 10-Way Isolated Divider
CTX09613: L-Band 1kW 10-Way Isolated Divider
CTX09613: L-Band 1kW 10-Way
Isolated Divider
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Daico Offers RF Components, Multi-Function Assemblies, Sub-Systems & Build-to-Print Services

Control Components

Daico has been serving Defense and Military markets with the priority of offering outstanding performance, high reliability, and the highest quality in custom design for MIC, Hybrid, Discrete or SMT forms operating from DC to 18 GHz.

  • Switches
  • Attenuators
  • Phase Shifters
  • Detectors
  • Limiters


Since the early 90’s, Daico has provided custom amplifiers including LNAs, broadband amplifiers, high-power amplifiers, and unconventional amplifiers for various radars and subsystems. The performance and reliability distinguishes Daico from other amplifier manufacturers.

  • Broadband Linear Power
  • Band Specific High Power
  • Legacy Amplifiers

Multi-Function Assemblies

Daico offers High-Integration and High-Density MFA’s, T/R Modules and RF Sub-Systems, combining the functionality of high-performance control products together with amplifiers, mixers, limiters, couplers, power dividers, and combiners, as well as, CMOS, TTL, ECL, FPGA, MPU, and other logic devices.

  • Antenna Selector
  • T/R Module
  • Switch/Combiner


Daico introduced a Game Changing transmitter (m+n)ART architecture that delivers 14kW power at L-Band with unprecedented Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability. Features include automatic failover, graceful power degradation and true “hot-swap” capability for uninterrupted operation.

  • Availability, Reliability, Maintainability
  • “Hot-Swap” capability
  • 6 Patents awarded
  • Outperforming Klystron and TWT technologies
  • Mission critical ASR-3 transmitter upgrade in 2010

Passive Components

Daico is well-known offering high reliable RF/Microwave Control Components, High Power Amplifiers, and Sub-Systems. In the past decades, Daico designed countless innovative Passive RF/Microwave Components used in Daico’s MFAs and SSTx products or in the platforms where Daico’s active components resides.

  • Filters
  • Multiplexer
  • Divider/Combiner
  • Coupler
  • Terminator


In addition to Daico’s well-known RF/Microwave products offering from DC to 18 GHz, Daico provides customers with technical services including Build-to-Print, Pick ‘n’ Place Assembly, and Automated Testing. Leveraging Daico’s legacy capabilities of design, build, and test for Defense and Military applications, we can meet your contracted needs with the utmost quality.

  • Build-to-Print
  • Pick 'n' Place
  • Automated Testing
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